For Parents

Seamen Ultimate Parents

We love the support and encouragement and view you as a part of our family. We're a better team when we have a big sideline with vocal support, and you're a big part of that.

If you're the parent of a new players, come introduce yourself to our coaches. The coaches are often busy game planning and providing feedback, but before or after games, we'd love to meet you.

What should I bring to a tournament?

Tournament days usually consist of 3-4 games per day, always outside. So bring something comfortable for sitting on on the sideline, some snacks and plenty of fluids for the day. Throughout the year we sell merchandise that you can wear - we'd love to have you sporting some of our merchandise on the sideline. 

Never expected, but always encouraged are sideline snacks and beverages for the team (think fruit snacks, granola bars, gatorade, etc.) 

What should I expect When attending a tournament?

Tournament weekends are almost always a full block of games on Saturday and Sunday. Games are played to a certain target (typically 13 or 15 points) with a halftime at the halfway point (when the first team scores 7 in a game to 13 or 8 in a game to 15). Tournament days typically include 3-4 games in a day and sometimes games are on different fields, so there may be a need to move after a game.

After games, it's common to grab dinner as a team. You'll always be welcome to join the team dinner, but also feel free to do a family dinner with your player. 

What is the time commitment for the team for my son?

During the fall semester, the offseason, the team begins to practice and will attend some tournaments. These tournaments are meant to be good opportunities to get ample reps and build the team. The spring semester, our in season, the team continues with practice and tournaments. The mindset going into these tournaments is to win games and tournaments. 

During both semesters the team practices 3 times a week (Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays). For practices, that's 7 hours per week. We typically attend 3-4 tournaments in the fall semester. For tournaments, account for some travel time on Friday and a full day commitment on Saturday and Sunday of any tournament weekend.

During the spring semester, there are additional workouts that come with being a part of a team that's committed to winning. These could include strength workouts, throwing workouts, film sessions, or conditioning workouts. These are typically done when time allows during our non practice days.