What is seamen ultimate?

Seamen Ultimate is the official mens club Ultimate Frisbee team at UNC-Wilmington. We compete in both the fall and spring semesters, with the annual goal of qualifying and winning College Nationals every spring. 

The team is known for a culture of winning and a gritty hard-working play style.


We're not your average team – we're more like a tight-knit crew working together towards a common goal. Sure, things aren't always smooth sailing, but that's where we shine. We've got each other's backs. We're all about real support and a shared drive to get things done. Think of us as your family – we stick together through the ups and downs, and that's what makes us strong.

Proud history

Seamen Ultimate is going on 35 years - and the current team is just a part of a long legacy. Since the beginning, we've been right in the mix, setting the standard for greatness. Our logo isn't just a symbol – it's a badge of honor we wear proudly on our jerseys. We play for the ones beside us now, and also for the legends who paved the way. Our roots run deep, and that's what fuels our fire.


Competition runs deep in our veins – it's what we thrive on. We're not happy with just participating; we're here to win. We bake competition into every practice because we know you're either improving or getting worse. Challenging ourselves is second nature, and pushing the boundaries is our norm. We bring that fire to every game, no matter the opponent. 


Seamen Ultimate was started in 1989 by Toad Leber. Since its beginning, the Seamen were on top as a national contender for a greater part of the 90s; winning the national title in 1993.  The Seamen strive to be a Nationals level contender every year and continue to grow the long history that is Seamen Ultimate.

Join the team

Every year, we're looking for new athletes to join the team. If you've played before, that's great. If you haven't, we have a long history of teaching and developing students just like you. Every school year the Seamen begin practices in the Fall. The best way to stay connected and to get involved is to let us know you're interested in playing.